NAD 3020 amplifier

The NAD 3020, popular with 'audiophiles' possibly because of it's 19" rack mount case which laid the rear connectors flat so that access from the front was easier (reminiscent of the '70s Pioneer SX series of tuner/amps) and LED output indicator, relied on a common and slow output pair and made interesting claims in it's brochure that could make one smile. For example, the supply is described as 'high-voltage' and 'high-current', although being unexceptional and normal for a low power amplifier.

Intended as 'a no-frills moderately-priced amplifier' it met most needs and it is felt that the clamour and attention given in some quarters was unnecessary.

Matching RIAA stage.

NB It should be noted that the 2N2955 device used here is the silicon TO3 complement to the 2N3055 and not the earlier germanium TO18 Motorola device of the same type number.

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